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The Trolls are a group of magical beings and secondary characters in the 2013 Disney animated film Frozen


Trolls are all very short in stature, being three apples shorter to Elsa as a child. They all bear a very earth-appearance, their skin grey and similar to solid rock. Different species of grass and weeds grow from their heads like hair (females wearing flowers in their hair), and have incredibly large noses, ears and eyes. They all wear fabrics made from moss and algae woven with large swirling patterns

All of the trolls have been seen wearing necklaces decorated in multicolored crystals. Male trolls wear blue and/or green crystals, female trolls wear pink and/or red crystals and Pabbie is the only troll to wear yellow crystals, possibly signifying his role as the leader.

Kristoff appeared to have difficulty lifting one of the child-trolls, indicating that they are extremely heavy.


The trolls are known to be loud, inappropriate, blunt and tend to act without thinking. When Kristoff brought Anna too find a cure for her frozen heart, the trolls immediatly assumed that they were a couple and tried to have them married on the spot. 

Beneath their rough exterior shows a very indepth understanding of magic, balance and the ways of the heart, passed on by their village elder Pabbie.

Contrary to the portrayal of trolls in many Scandinavian cultures, that being they are big, cruel, stupid and rarely helpful, these trolls are small, kind, wise and very helpful to those who need it.

Known TrollsEdit

  • Grand Pabbie
  • Bulda
  • Cliff
  • Kristoff (Adoptive/Honorary)
  • Sven (Adoptive/Honorary)
  • Flemmingrad (deceased; is remembered every December as their tradition)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

All of the trolls possess an earth-like anatomy, allowing a form of durability and enhanced density. Despite their weight, they usually stack on top of one another like a totem pole to meet at eye level with humans with no signs of struggle or exhaustion. All of them can roll into a ball, either as a form of locomotion or simply as a disguise.

Grand Pabbie is shown to possess powerful nature-based magic that could alter memories, control other forms of magic and create constructs of light. Whether all trolls can do this or just Pabbie is unkownn.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

As a wise and ancient beings of magic, it could be possible that the trolls have some ties to the Guardians. Many writers like to portray them as old aquantences to Jack Frost through Elsa or Anna, servants or even worshippers to the Man in the Moon in a similar manner as the Lunar Llamas from the Guardians of Childhood series.

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