Many leaves, one tree. We're all individuals, but we're still connected. No one's alone.

Ronin is Chief General of the Leafmen, protecter of Moonhaven and Queen Tara's former love-interest. He is the Tritagonist in the 2013 movie Epic.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Like other Leafmen, Ronin is very small and is hard to spot with the naked eye if one is a normal sized human. In comparison to other Jinns, however, he is rather tall an has a muscular build. Ronin has short silver hair, blue eyes and a strong jaw. Throughout the movie he wears his green Leafman armor, and occasionally he is seen with a helmet as well.


Ronin is a fierce, disciplined warrior who has difficulty showing his emotions. However, he proved his rare light-hearted side when he mocked Professor Bomba's manner of speaking, (much to Mary Katherine's disapproval), his taunting of the Boggans and ultimately his teasing "tough-love" manner with Nod. After Nod's father died, Ronin become Nod's mentor and looked out for the young lad as well as he could--which Nod only truly realised when it was nearly too late. Ronin is incredibly brave and self sacrificing, and there is no doubt to his devotion to his people—to Nod, whether he wants it or not—and ultimately, to his Queen.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a leafman, Ronin is able to jump great heights and great distances with little to no negative reprocussions, and can move in the same at the same dimensional speed as creatures of their size. He is able to ride atop of different species of birds like horses, and can outwit any animal with intentions of harm.

With many years of training, Ronin has become one of the forest's greatest champions, being able to fight off an entire army of boggans on his own, make it back to Moonhaven and still retain enough stamina and energy to fight off Mandrake to protect the pod.


Like other leafmen, Ronin is most profficient weilding their trademark bow and arrows and a sword handed down to him by Nod's now-deceased father.

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Queen TaraEdit

Ronin has a long history with Queen Tara and exhibited strong romantic feelings toward her. Throughout the movie, other characters hinted that they had a romantic relationship though their status was never explicitly stated.


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Mandrake and Ronin share a long, battle-filled history together. Mandrake killed Nod's father in front of Ronin and Ronin killed Mandrake's son years later.

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