Prince Hugo is a prince and the best flying horse racer from Sofia the First. He is a prince and the best flying horse racer in flying derby at Royal Prep. Throughout the first season, he was portrayed as a bully and a minor antagonist until he reforms in the second season episode "The Flying Crown".

Physical AppearanceEdit

Prince Hugo has fair skin, hazel eyes, and dark brown right-parted hair. He usually wears flying derby gear, such as black riding boots and a black helmet. He wears a red and black vertically striped vest over a long sleeved white shirt with a high collar and a white ascot. He also wears slim gray pants. However, in his season 2 debut, he was seen wearing a black jacket, a tan vest, and a red bow tie.

In "The Shy Princess", Hugo is seen in his flying derby practice clothes but without his black helmet.


Role in the CrossoverEdit