Owen Grady is the main protagonist of the 2015 sci-fi adventure film Jurassic World and its sequel Fallen Kingdom.



Owen is best described as a confident, headstrong, brave, and with a strong sense of justice for all life forms. He tends to be highly empathetic with the wildlife of Jurassic World, even hinted to be the sole person to have such traits: He sees his raptor pack as his family instead of just trained animals and knows how to handle them carefully contrary to Hoskins' point of view where he perceive the raptors as mere tools of warfare, and openly concerned on Indominus' poor treatments compared with his ways to treated Blue's pack. He comes off as very down to Earth and was openly confused as to why a genetically-engineered hybrid would be necessary to attract attention more than the existing dinosaurs in the park.

Despite this, Owen demonstrates little regard or respect for authority, especially when he realizes they are acting in poor sense. This often put him at odds with both Claire Dearing, Simon Masrani, and Vic Hoskins, who refused to listen to him after the Indominus rex had escaped until the situation had reached critical levels.

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