Nightmares are constructs created from corrupted dreamsand by Pitch.


Nightmares are completely composed of Dreamsand that has been corrupted by Pitch called Nightmare Sand, completely black with a blue/violet shine in curling shapes across its body, and glowing, yellow eyes, giving them a menacing, angry glare to its features. They all have tassels flowing and curling from the back of their hooves and on its mane that curl and weaves continuously. In the Rise of the Guardians video game, the Nightmares took on many other forms, such as monkeys, rats, wolves, giant lobsters and even elves and yetis.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Much like in their purest form, Nightmares are capable of shape-shifting between its horse-like form and intangible sand, allowing them to travel through deep crevices or form into one, large mass of dreamsand to overwhelm any opposing force. Made from dreamsand, anyone who's sand becomes a nightmare experiences bad dreams. Pitch can control the Nightmares remotely, but they appear to show a level of sentience and can act on their own.

Pitch's Nightmare

Pitch with his lead nightmare, Onyx

Nightmares can be frozen solid with a well-placed ice blast (by Jack Frost), can disintegrate with a single blow of brute force and can be purified, either by direct contact with the Sandman and his attacks or by any child willing to face them. However, they make up for these weaknesses with sheer numbers, Pitch seemingly having an unlimited supply of them ready and waiting. Whether this means he gained this ability by absorbing Sandman or if he collected all of them over the years is left for debate. 


From their behavior and facial features, Nightmares act in a predatorial manner in whatever task they are sent for. They can "smell fear", becoming excited and compelled to attack the nearest source of fear. Their service to Pitch does not seem to be based off any sort of loyalty, ready to turn on Pitch and drag him to his lair (closing the entrance behind them) as soon has his fear becomes the only fear available.
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Pitch's tactics become his undoing

Despite being simple constructs of two different magic's, Nightmares have been shown to show a limited display of emotions and intelligence. They have been show confusion, surprise and even fear from Pitch. Pitch seems to be able to communicate with and understand them, conversing with his favored steed Onyx on his reconnaissance.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Nightmares normally serve the same purpose in the fandom as they do in the movie; serve as minions for Pitch. Some writers like using Pitch's sand to corrupt some of the characters or create darker counterparts to do his bidding.