Joshua Joyce is the CEO of Kinetic Solutions Incorporated is the senary antagonist and turned supporting protagonist of the 2014 film, Transformers: Age of Extinction. His overall role is considered more of an anti-hero than a villain, as he initially had good intentions and had redeemed himself after his Transformers development project went wrong and realized that Attinger has manipulated him for a delusional and selfish purpose. He also has a bit of a thing for Su Yueming.


He is a strict and demanding employer. His ambition made him use his genius to build his own models of transformers he could control and never be betrayed by them. However his arrogance blinded him from fact he was manipulated by both Attinger and Megatron. He's very afraid of death and does not see his mistakes until it's too late. This was shown where he often panics during the battle and chooses to betray Attinger after realizing what he had done and realized that Galvatron has manipulated him. Joyce also proves to be a coward and a hypocrtical complainer, whining to Cade and Autobot Hound for involving him into a battle against KSI Decepticons but they retaliate against him by verbally arguing back that at least they are fighting to save earth while he isn't.


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