Drago's Bewilderbeast is a Bewilderbeast under the command of Drago Bludvist. This dragon was presumably captured and enslaved by Drago and his forces at some point in the past (possibly by mobilizing a mass of men and modern weapons), and might have been tortured as well.


Like the rest of its species, this Bewilderbeast is a massive white dragon with spines on it's head with two massie tusks. It's hide is a stained-shade of white and has two shackles with chains over them. His frills are similar to Drago's dreadlocks and are quite different from the other Bewilderbeast seen in the movie. This dusty Bewilderbeast has more elongnated tusks similar to those of mammoths than the whiter individual.

By the end of the movie, Toothless' attacks utterly destroys the dragon's left tusk.


In comparison to Valka's Bewilderbeast, this individual is dark and looks very menacing, tyrannical and violent. Additionally, he seems restless and being always enraged (the dragon's damaged and rather dirty looks indicate he had been through tough moments). It is not sure if this dragon's true nature is evil, and is possible that he originally had a normal, peaceful character. Understandably, his behaviors are unfriendly and destructive, and doesn't care about damaging the crazed person's forces (crushing several of Drago's men's fleets when emerging, and stepping on one of war or capture machines).

He seems loyal to Drago to the point where he controls nearby dragons to do just about anything he wants. This loyalty is more likely based on fear than respect, given Drago's "beat the dog till it stops barking" attitude towards dragons.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unlike Valka's Alpha being a kind owner, he was used by Drago as more of weapon to be most powerful dragon of them all and to be the ultimate war machine.

  • Ice Breath: Like the rest of his kind, Drago's Bewilderbeast is capable of breathing a massive wave of ice that leaves behind massive damage upon freezing and hitting it's target, causing massive damage to the Village of Berk.
  • Enhanced Strength: He seems to be stronger than the Bewilderbeast of The Dragon Sanctuary, overpowering the previous Alpha in their battle over control of Valka's rescued dragons.
  • Intelligence and Communication Skill: He was able to understand the noises that Drago was saying to control the certain dragons he wanted like Toothless. He also understood to come out of the water at a specific time.
  • Enhanced Endurance and Stamina: Just like the rest of his kind, this Bewilderbeast is extremely tough, and can withstand most of the attacks that are fired at him.

Role in the CrossoverEdit