What do you think being human means its what we do we make mistakes, sometimes out of those mistakes come the most amazing things, when I fixed you it was for a reward that was it, that was why for money that was me making a mistake without it you wouldn't be here; so if you've got no faith in us I'm asking you to do what I do I'm asking to look through all the junk to see the treasure, you gotta have faith prime in who we can be.
―Cade regarding Humanity to Optimus.

Cade Yeager is a widowed father and a struggling inventor with the hope of one day creating something that matters, his daughter Tessa Yeager is the most important part of his life, and made it his vow after her mother passed and has devoted his life to keeping her safe although his values and rules often lead his daughter to disapprove of his over protect iveness.



A rather kind and well mannered individual as well as a responsible parent to some degree, he stated that he has made mistakes in his past which he learned from with his 'wisdom' which he passes on to his daughter imploring her to not start dating boys until graduating for he does not want her to go trough the mistake's he endured expressing his desire to keep her safe from harm and give her a normal life. He has shown to become easily aggravated to people who threaten either him or his family nevertheless he is brave and loyal to those he cares about, a loyalty that impresses even Optimus. He will gladly stand alongside the Autobot's. had a policy of his daughter not dating boys, however after Shane proved himself he allowed him to be with her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cade is a skilled mechanic with a vast knowledge of engineering and mechanics and a rather talented inventor as he has created a range of inventions most notably his robotic guard dog. He has shown to be quite the tactician as he planned their infiltration on KSI and managed to bypass their security until later on, In addition he has proven to be quite a strong fighter as he was able to hold his own against James Savoy in a fist fight.


Role in the CrossoverEdit